Beach Photos 2012

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I have a bit of new gear this year for the beach. But will I get to use it and will I want to? I hate changing lenses out on the beach, opening up the camera for exposure to some or any elements at all. Family photos went a little better this year for a few reasons, but not all good ones (we were missing one family and we can’t wait to have them back with us next year! They were in Greece instead. Oh, ok, we get it. Beaches of Greece vs. Beaches of NC. Talk about some stunning photos. But here are my what made it better:

1. Less people – but of course don’t prefer that

2. Now own the Canon 580 EX II, so that made for some interesting shots with faces not dependent on the sun or correct “beach lighting” (whatever that is! just natural light)

3. Better coordinated colors for our outfits. I found a photographers website and got some great ideas of what TO do and what NOT to do in the way of color coordination. A lesson is a little color goes a long way. Stop wearing denim for beach photos, ever. If you are aiming for khaki and white, add a consistent splash of color if you have to have that non-color scheme.

4. What really looks better is just a great dress for the ladies and a great pair of flat front shorts and a linen short or long-sleeved shirt for the guys. Barefoot is best, the bottom of a shoe is always wrong in a picture (so are ugly toes, but I trust everyone’s are cute).

5. There hasn’t been a single year I haven’t felt rushed. No offense to my traveling companions, but I would really like A LOT of time to work on this. All the guys hate it and only do it out of undying devotion to us ladies. Even the sons of the Moms. I always look back through them and wish I had taken more and I’ll feel like I’ve forgotten a certain pose. Ugh.

5. Hair. Don’t pin it back, it looks unnatural because the wind from the beach is going to blow your hair around anyway – and with a pin bending in the wind trying to control your hair, it just looks strange.

So – I completely lucked out this year – maybe I could have been out there every morning, but I was on vacation, but the Sunrise I chose to shoot one morning was nothing less than incredible. The time of year we are in doesn’t have the sun coming up over the ocean, it’s more behind the rows of beachhouses. But the rainbow of colors and details and people nearby made every shot amazing. I will post some pics here and add some to my opening slideshow on my website.

Every year is different, but it was another great year!