New Canon 85mm 1.8

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New Purchase – Canon 85 mm 1.8. So – although an official business expense, a few Amazon gift cards for my birthday allowed me to get this lens to build my collection. I only own one other “prime” lens so far, the 50mm 1.8 fantastic plastic! It’s great and my wimpy self really loves how small and lightweight it is. Right out of the box I felt the weight of the 85mm. Feels solid, but seems heavy for such a small lens. It will take me a while to get used to what distance I need to be from something to shoot using it. I found myself popping it up to my eye to take a shot and then realizing I needed to back up. I had other lenses with me, but my bag was a distance away, so I was just using it for a while.

I’ve read about several photographers that only like to use primes and keep the 50, 35 and 85 on hand and switch between all 3. I have not moved to a place yet in my photography where I enjoy the process of switching lenses. I guess part of that is the type of shooting I end up doing which requires me to be ready and not be fiddling with lenses or I might miss a shot. (sports, events, bands/solos, etc.) I will say I have shot weddings where I’ll wear 2 cameras with 2 different telephoto lenses.

I used it for 2 different shoots in one day this past weekend. It was great indoors where there was fluorescent lighting nearby. Photos turned out nice and if I was at the right distance away from the subject, I did enjoy the results of the level of bokeh it provided.

I did try it at an outdoor venue at night that was well lit, but poorly planned lighting at a concert venue. Before even taking one picture I was doomed, the lighting made everyone on stage look BLUE, and one musician had a stand light on that shone a bright light right out into the audience basically messing up most of the photos I took. I strategically placed myself to use something else on stage to block it so I could get some decent shots for promotional purposes.

I will have a few more opportunities to use it this coming weekend. Will post again about how it goes and what I learn. :-)