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“Your order has shipped” Music to my ears. Not yet available on iTunes. Not a need, just a want, of course.

So, I’ve waited longer than most. I had the iPhone 3G. Then the 4. I did not get what was really supposed to be the iPhone 5 and was the 5th generation, but named iPhone 4S. I opted to wait. My dear husband talked me into waiting. And waiting. I’ve been told the jump from just the 4 to the 5 will be huge for me, especially with the new camera that came on the iPhone 4S.

I think one fun option I’ve waited for is the imaginary friend, Siri. I’ll be honest, I’ve been dreaming about her since LONG before Al Gore invented the World Wide Web. As a new Mom who quit her high-profile job at an ad agency some 15 years ago, I suddenly had to keep track of what I needed to get done with a little person who DIDN’T talk, in my arms. One who only initially knew how to eat, sleep and poop. (funny, at 16, those are still some of his favorite pastimes-haha jk) I literally used to joke that I just needed to either put a post-it note on my forehead so I wouldn’t forget things, or just a pre-recorded voice  somewhere to remind me. I was thinking of Siri way before Raj had his heart set on her.

I’ve never even heard a friend or stranger use her. Only those commercials on TV. Well, life is about to change for me and if she doesn’t drive me crazy, she might end up driving you crazy and convince you that I’m crazy. I plan to leave her volume set to loud. The most “recent” iPhone we have in our house is the 4. No Siri. So, things have been rather quiet. We are about to go from a family of 5 to 6.

Now, don’t get me wrong, she and I might not get along at all, I mean, if she is SO organized, and makes me look like a slacker and like my brain is turning to mush, then there might be a problem. Oh, and if I see any signs of my husband taking a liking to her more than me, she’s toast. I’m hoping just the combination of she and I will make me into a more-organized, super-wife/Mom that said husband won’t be able to resist! (Don’t worry, he already accepts me lovingly with all my flaws!)

If she looks anything like the lady who portrayed her on the Big Bang Theory, I’m already jealous, although she was a ginger, so we have that in common.

It will probably be a love-hate relationship at first. You know it will take me at least a week to work out all the kinks of the settings that will work best for me. Most of that is alleviated with the beauty of Apple products. Beautiful, easy and simple to use, right out of the box. The kids are thrilled, because this means the great “pass-down” of phones is about to take place. Middle daughter will have a phone that holds a charge for longer than an hour and can actually take a picture before the subject walks away from confusion and boredom. Youngest daughter will have her first iPhone and it won’t be a 1st gen one. She’ll start with a 4. Let the rules and restrictions begin. Oldest child (son) will go from 16 GB of storage to 32 MB. He’ll never match his Mom’s 6,000+ photos, but at least for a time he will have a little more storage space for goofy videos until he saves up the remainder of the money he needs to buy his own iPhone 5.

I haven’t heard any feedback if the larger (or should I say ‘longer’) screen is of any benefit for middle-aged eyesight. I really believe that is what the iPad was for. Especially those said goofy people who take pictures with their iPads (“could you lower your iPad please, there are people behind you trying to see the parade, too!”). My greatest concern with the increased length is that it will not fit in the pocket of my pants or jackets. I’ve recently lost 24 lbs and hope to lose more. Maybe I just keep my old pants so there is more room in the pockets for my new phone?

Are there cases available in stores yet? I hope so. 2+ years ago when I got my iPhone4, there were no cases available yet. I carried mine around in a sock. Seriously. It worked. However, while driving to a GA Tech Swing Dance Club dance, I had it out of the sock, out of my purse and in my lap, and in the middle of a storm, jumped out of my car to grab an umbrella once I reached the dance, and it fell out on the street and cracked the corner edge of the screen. At least the rain had stopped and it didn’t get wet. It was a tiny chip, but it’s still there and it’s worked fine and the case covered it up.

I’m ready to get out a sock if I need to, I’ll read the manual if I absolutely have to and I’ll go through the lengthy process of stopping by our cell-service provider store to get the phones switched around.

I’m trusting I never again will have to show up a week late or a week early to one of the kid’s doctor’s appointments, my list for the store could be read aloud to me at the push of a button (does she do this?), her voice and attitude will be much more pleasant and entertaining than the female voice of the built-in GPS in my 7 year old car, and I won’t forget to pick up one of my kids (or even better, one of my FRIEND’s kids)!

I poo-poo being addicted to a gadget, but it brings me great joy to be anywhere and take a picture and share it with my sister in law on the other side of the world or her with me, instantly see a photo my sister shares with me of the new oven and microwave she got for our Mom and Dad or her grandson’s picture from Kindergarten, get a text from my kids in the middle of the school day to let me know they aced their test, or receive an urgent call from one of my kids at school that they are sick and need to come home (or better yet, forgot something and summon me to bring it to them as fast as I can because all I do with my days is sit and wait for them to ask me to bring what they forgot), not wait until only certain times of day to hear from my husband as he travels the globe, open up my Bible app and with a few taps be in the right book, in the right chapter and on the right verse, expanding the point size of the text so we (husband) can follow along together during church, use a map to find my way either on foot (NYC Circa Nov 2011 on way to Jimmy Fallon show) or in my car. Or, wait, what? There’s something wrong with the maps app? Oh no, I hope they fix that soon. I hope that didn’t confuse Siri. The last thing I need is for her to get mixed up and get us both lost. Sounds like that would put me right back at square one.