She came, she saw, she made us laugh.

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She’s here. The long-awaited computerized assistant, Siri.

I have not had ample time to play with my new phone. My kids and husband have. Heck, my husband didn’t even get home to see it yet and had ordered his through his work. Talk about anticipitory wants…

It’s sleek, it’s lighter than the iPhone 4. I never had an iPhone 4S (Siri), so if she weighed more than the 4, I have no way to compare in my house. It’s a great Apple product all the way around. I opted for a white one instead of a black one this time just to check it out.

It was fun to show up at the retail location of our service provider to do the great ‘pass down’ of phones. They were all in my purse, including my new one in the box, with the exception of my son’s which was smoking in his hands from overuse & texting to his girlfriend and many friends. No, it wasn’t really smoking, but I bet it was about to. So, all I did while waiting for my turn was to pick out an Otterbox for my new phone. I wasn’t going to drop this one and let it get hurt in the first 7 days of my care. No way. I was going all out with the super indestructible case. The best part was, the guy thought he was just going to ring up one iPhone case and be done with us, he said “is that all you need” and my reply was “not exactly,” as I proceeded to unload 4 additional phones from my purse and neatly line them up on the counter. I had made a little cheat sheat for him to he would know who’s number was going to whose phone.

He was a gem and almost flawlessly did what I verbally guided him to do, and the cheat sheets came in handy. Only one technical snafu of a new sim card not working took place, I held my breath as I watched him shuffle them like a pea under a bowl, hoping the corresponding sim card stayed with the correct phone. Even questioning kids did not disrupt my gaze, determined not to add a nanosecond to the process or our visit.

We walked out ready to communicate again, flawlessly, with our Apple products. It’s good we knew how to get home without a map. ;-)